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06/06/2022 News

โททาลเอนเนอร์ยี่ส์ชนะการประมูลโครงการผลิตไฟฟ้าพลังงานลมขนาด 1 GW นอกชายฝั่งคาโรไลน่า

สหรัฐอเมริกา : โททาลเอนเนอร์ยี่ส์ชนะการประมูลโครงการผลิตไฟฟ้าพลังงานลมขนาด 1 GW นอกชายฝั่งคาโรไลน่า โดยโครงการนี้จะผลิตกระแสไฟฟ้าจ่ายให้กับ 3 แสนครัวเรือน โดยคาดว่าจะใช้งานได้ในปี ค.ศ.2030

This announcement follows the award in February 2022 of a lease to develop a 3 GW wind farm off the coast of New York and New Jersey, United States.

“Being awarded this lease, our second offshore wind project in the U.S., demonstrates the strength of our commitment to the country and to our transformation in a multi energy Company. This project adds to our portfolio of more than 10 GW gross capacity of renewable projects in operation, in construction and in development in the U.S. It is one more step towards our objective of reaching 100 GW of renewable electricity generation worldwide by 2030,” said Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies.

The Carolina Long Bay project is part of the U.S. government's goal to deploy 30 GW of offshore wind in the U.S. by 2030, in response to the climate challenge.



TotalEnergies and offshore wind 
TotalEnergies is already developing a portfolio of offshore wind projects with a total capacity of more than 11 GW, of which 2/3 are bottom-fixed and 1/3 are floating. These projects are located in the United Kingdom (Seagreen project, Outer Dowsing, Erebus, ScotWind), South Korea (Bada project), Taiwan (Yunlin project), France (Eolmed project) and the United States (New York Bight project, North Carolina project). The Company has also been qualified to participate in competitive tenders in the US, UK and France, and will also participate in tenders in Norway and Poland.

TotalEnergies and renewable electricity
As part of its ambition to get to net zero by 2050, TotalEnergies is building a portfolio of activities in renewables and electricity. At the end of 2021, TotalEnergies' gross renewable electricity generation capacity is more than 10 GW. TotalEnergies will continue to expand this business to reach 35 GW of gross production capacity from renewable sources and storage by 2025, and then 100 GW by 2030 with the objective of being among the world's top 5 producers of electricity from wind and solar energy.

About TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies is a global multi-energy company that produces and markets energies: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Our more than 100,000 employees are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible. Active in more than 130 countries, TotalEnergies puts sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its projects and operations to contribute to the well-being of people.