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Lubricants must stay ahead of technological change, adjust to international specifications, and meet industrial requirements. To this end, Total Lubriciants has built strong partnerships with international manufacturers, including:




The partnership between Total and French automaker CITROËN is truly historic. In 1968, TOTAL began developing a lubricant for the CITROËN DS to address ignition and fouling issues. Over 40 years of teamwork have given rise to the production of high-quality lubricants and an unrivaled track record in motorsports. Today, the partnership between the two companies is industrial and global, and in addition to motorsports, covers technology, trade and training.
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Partners since 1995, Total  and PEUGEOT recently confirmed their confidence in each other by renewing their partnership agreements. The renewals come as no surprise, as TOTAL lubricants are the only brand to be endorsed by the French automaker for all its models. Why? Because we share the same goals. Researchers from TOTAL and PEUGEOT are developing tomorrow's lubricants: oils that are increasingly fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.
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TOTAL has been MAZDA Motors' European lubricants partner since 2003. Together, TOTAL and the Japanese automaker have co-developed the MAZDA Original Oil range for MAZDA vehicles. Meeting all quality and warranty requirements for each and every model, the range is also specially designed for MAZDA's new, cutting-edge SKYACTIV Technology.
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In 2011, Korean automaker KIA Motors Corporation and TOTAL Lubrifiants entered into a five-year international cooperation* agreement. TOTAL Lubrifiants became KIA's recommended partner for the sale of lubricants across all KIA's after-sales service networks in participating countries. TOTAL is also a major first-fill engine oil supplier for KIA and HYUNDAI factories all over the world.
* Applies worldwide, with the exception of Europe and South Korea
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Great Wall Motors

TOTAL Lubrifiants signed an international agreement with GREAT WALL MOTORS of China in February 2012. TOTAL Lubrifiants is officially GREAT WALL MOTORS' recommended partner in their key markets. Both partners emphasize the core values of professionalism, competence and customer focus. The partnership reinforces two shared aims: to grow their share of the Chinese market and their presence in the global marketplace, and to collaborate on the development of high-quality products and services that meet motorists' requirements.
More about our partnership with Great Wall Motors




The relationship with DAF started in the early 90s with Fina Netherlands' first run-in oil deliveries. The technical-commercial partnership with the Dutch manufacturer helped us become the #1 supplier for factory fill and major supplier for the DAF Genuine After Market Lubricant program in Europe.




In 2007, TOTAL and German automotive supplier ZF launched the development of a top-range lubricant for heavy-duty manual transmissions. In 2010, our product was approved by ZF for a 540,000-km drain interval. We are now the official factory-fill supplier as well the selected supplier for after-sales needs.




TOTAL and Swedish automotive manufacturer SCANIA collaborate on the development of lubricants that are specially designed for trucks and buses.



Renault Trucks

The collaboration between TOTAL and France's RENAULT TRUCKS started in 1979 with the development of the Renault Trucks Oils (RTO) product ranges. The two companies have renewed their partnership contract through to January 2016; it applies in all affiliates where RENAULT TRUCKS and TOTAL conduct commercial activities.




TOTAL and German agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS have been linked since 2005, following the partnership between ELF and Renault Agriculture. After four years of successful cooperation, CLAAS and TOTAL renewed their partnership contract in 2009. A world leader in agricultural machinery, CLAAS recommends our select range of lubricants in every one of its maintenance guides.


Total Oil Magpies Principal Sponsor


Total is one of the largest product groups in the world and we import and distribute over 600 products in the New Zealand market.

We have the largest finished lubricant in New Zealand. Total will be the main supporter of The Magpies Club.

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