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Antifreeze and coolants

COOLELF SUPRA Ready-to-use coolant • Diesel industrial engines, gas engines of all sizes. Long life. -26 °C AFNOR NF R 15-601 • ASTM D 3306, D 4656, D 4985 • BS 6580 • SAE J 1034
MWM (Deutz) • GE Jenbacher • Rolls-Royce • MTU
GLACELF SUPRA Antifreeze concentrate -20 °C to -69 °C depending on % of dilution
GLACELF CHP SUPRA Antifreeze concentrate • Engines of cogeneration plants. 
• Recommended in countries or conditions where a -7 °C antifreeze protection is sufficient.
Long life.
Higher heat transfer capacity.
-7 °C to -15 °C depending on % of dilution MWM (Deutz) • GE Jenbacher
GLACELF MPG SUPRA Antifreeze concentrate • Agrifood and pharmaceutical industries, cogeneration facilities: heat and cold transfer circuits. Antifreeze based on monopropylene glycol. -17 °C to -38 °C depending on % of dilution AFNOR NF R 15-601 • ASTM D 3306
WT SUPRA Aqueous concentrate of specific organic corrosion and cavitation inhibitors • Diesel industrial engines and gas engines requiring no antifreeze protection. Long life anticorrosion and anticavitation protection.
Optimal heat transfer capacity. 
Non-polluting components.
  MWM (Deutz) • Wärtsilä • Rolls-Royce: Bergen